Kansas Water Congress

WWE’s Karl Kingery traveled to Garden City, Kansas, for the Kansas Water Congress Summer Conference.  This conference brought together legislators, engineers, irrigators, businessmen, municipalities and others to discuss current Kansas water topics.

At the invitation of Mr. David Brenn (President of the Kansas Water Congress), Karl gave a presentation on the Amazon Ditch Sand Creek Flume project that WWE completed last year for the Kearny County Farmers Irrigation Association (KCFIA).  The flume was designed by Karl Kingery, P.E., David Foss, P.E., Jonathan Jones, P.E., P.H., D.WRE and others.  The 200-foot flume carries the Amazon Ditch water from the Arkansas River to water users in Kearny County and to Lake McKinney.

WWE is pleased to have worked on this exciting and successful project.  Also in attendance at the conferences were Hal Scheuerman (president of the KCFIA), Randy Hayzlett (former president of the South Side Ditch) and others who were key to the success of the flume.