Construction Phase Stormwater Management

The key to the management of stormwater from construction sites is the minimization of erosion and offsite sediment transport.  WWE has a long history in erosion and sediment control; we were advising clients on ways to minimize excess erosion and manage sediments from construction activities long before there were widespread regulatory requirements to do so.

Now there are federal, state and local regulations requiring detailed construction-phase stormwater plans for sites disturbing one acre or more (and for some smaller sites near waterways).  WWE’s multiple Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESCs)—some of whom are also P.E.s, along with many of our other staff who are geologists, soil scientists, engineers and aquatic life scientists—are able to address clients’ construction-phase needs ranging from small utility projects to large-scale land development activities.

WWE has national and international experience dealing with erosion issues and has developed hundreds of Stormwater Management Plans (SWMPs) for construction activities, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) and Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (GESCs).  All of these plans outline the best management practices (BMPs) to minimize the potential for adverse impacts to water quality during construction.

WWE assists new clients who have received a Notice of Violation (NOV) and helps existing clients to avoid NOVs.